Saturday, July 27, 2013

Grandson's are Great.

My day started as usual, then a  knock on the door and there stands my Grandson Callum,

he had decided he would help me clear up all the garden rubbish from our working bee

with his Mother the weekend before.

It was great to have the help and we soon had everything loaded on to the trailer and off he went,

I continued clearing small things up, and now I can start to plan my garden, and choose the plants

and the design of my garden. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Life

Hi here I am again, Henry and I have moved back to the country town where it all started,

seems home is best after all.

Looking forward to summer and getting in to the garden,  going for walks with Henry and trying new

recipes,  loving the quiet when I wake to bird song not trucks and cars.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New House
    Well Henry and I have moved to the big Smoke Christchurch,  and we are really enjoying it we sometimes walk in Hagley Park a huge Park in the middle of Christchurch.
The last year has been busy and very sad, I lost my Mother to cancer on the 7th April she had been diagnosed late in 2011, we had her with us for Xmas and her Birthday which was some comfort to my sisters and myself.

I am still painting and knitting, just finished a scarf for my granddaughter in Perth, and am in the middle of a lacy jersey for my granddaughter in Southbridge.
Hoping to start a Decorating project soon I will tell you all about it as it progresses and post pics until then be good people and keep happy life is short but lovely.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spring is nearly here.

You know it's Spring when you see Lamb's and Daffodils all over the paddock's around Canterbury,
and lots of people in the garden centre's including your's truly.
I don't know whether I mentioned this in my other Blogs but I have taken up Folk Art painting, and I am really really enjoying it, and the new group of friends it has introduced me to.
I have managed to complete a few painted things now and I am about to start a project at home wish me luck.
The garden has been calling so I have been trying to get out there I have sowed seeds for Rocket and Beans, small crunchie lettuces, yummy silver beet, and one tomato plant in my mini greenhouse.
Also topped up my flower beds with Lobelia and Petunia's, my garden is nice and manageable now and with a place to sit and eat lunch if the mood takes me.
first tray

second tray

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Volcano's Earthquakes and Fog.

I have just had a Brilliant few day's with my Granddaughters in Perth, Australia. They showed me some
of their area's lovely native bush and a Snake.

Looking for Snake.

  This was at Bell's Rapids  close to where they all live, later in my visit we went  to Perth on the train,  where they showed me a lovely Herb and Vegetable garden 2 stories up just out of Perth's Railway Station . Also went to Daicon Alley from the Harry Potter Book's.

Daicon Alley Perth.
Saw Olivia swimming at her swim club and that night we had Subway for a treat something the girls love.

Olivia at swim club.

All came to an end on Saturday night as I flew out to Melbourne for my flight to Christchurch.
Landed at Melbourne and waited in the Lounge for my flight to be called only to find a Volcano in Chile had put a cloud of ash over New Zealand and we could not fly. Also in Melbourne that day a pea souper of Fog had stopped all flights out until late in afternoon.  Spent the night in an airport hotel went back the next day and they booked us onto a flight to Sydney and onward to Christchurch.  Landed in Sydney waiting in Lounge got a feeling of Dejavu again flight cancelled can not fly because of EarthQuake in Christchurch

New friends at airport

Spent another night in a city I did not see, awoke the next day at 3.30 am to catch flight at 6am got on the bus to airport with my new family you make so many friends when you are all stranded together.
Wait in Lounge again this time all watching staff, 1st announcement to say we would not fly for another 20 mins, sat on and on until finally we asked what was going on they finally told us they were trying to find a way around the Ash Cloud, at last at after 8am we boarded and flew home to Christchurch.  I feel I will stay home for awhile.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Moving and Blogging

I am finding I'm not Blogging as I should, but I am moving house in two weeks, so no excuses I really should get on with it, I so love reading other Blogs I don't want to deny anyone the pleasure of my Blog.
I have bought an over 50's cute unit closer to Town no lawn but plenty of area for my pots and it has a raised garden for Veg's, so I have been potting up my Herb's and the other  plants I want to take with me.
Packed Boxes
With my Mother's help I have spent Easter week-end packing boxes and making sure everything I take with me I love or need.
Cup Cakes
My sister Serena and her husband Geoff came over and helped me take things down, I baked some choc cup cakes for the workers then baked some Foccacia bread for dinner as I wanted to make a  Lamb and Red Pepper Stew by Giorgio Locatelli
Lamb and Red Pepper Stew
I love cooking and new recipes.
So a really busy Easter but very satisfying,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Summer Days

Blogging is quite difficult in the Summer so busy doing other things, having Grand-daughters to stay , taking them to see movies you want to see (Tangled by Disney).
Back at the Hospital one day a week Henry stays with my Mother and gets spoiled by her Buddies they just love him.
Finished the cushion I started in the UK at Xmas looks great on the spare bed, have started a little one it looks lonely by itself, also just completed some shelves beside my fireplace they look good will look even better painted.
Started a painting class ( always wanted to do that ), really enjoying it.
Got to clean out the garage today the rubbish man is coming to take it all away, been making Relish and eating things out of my garden which is lovely.
My Book Shelves